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About ServiceNow

Today, delivering a superior customer experience is paramount. To do this, customer support teams need the tools and workflows in place for efficient and productive customer interactions. The seamless integration between your Fuze and your CX applications is the key to making your agents more efficient and providing your customers with a good experience.

Fuze for ServiceNow eliminates the need to toggle back and forth between your calling platform and your help desk application. Your agents will have your customers’ information readily available for incoming calls, eliminating the need to put callers on hold while pulling up customer information. Agents can create new contacts, and incidents directly from Fuze, as well as log calls and call notes, eliminating the need for manual data entry in ServiceNow after a customer call.

ServiceNow features

  • Know who is calling and why. With each incoming call, a Fuze screenpop will display information from ServiceNow related to the inbound caller. Quickly prepare for the call with the name of the caller, the organization, and the incidents associated with this account.

  • Get quick access to the information you need while on a call. Directly from the Fuze screenpop, click into on the contact or the incident to open the records directly in ServiceNow.

  • Streamline new incident or ticket creation. While on a call, create a new incident associated with the contact directly from the Fuze screenpop.

  • Follow up made simple. Following the call, Fuze will prompt the entry of call notes related to the contact, account, existing incidents, or a new incident created while on the call. Log the phone call entry with a specific incident to track interactions and engagements with the account.

Fuze for ServiceNow is a pre-built integration that requires provisioning by the Fuze professional services team.

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