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About Salesforce

Fuze for Salesforce is a pre-built solution that integrates the Fuze cloud communications platform with your Salesforce application, allowing your sales team to save time and be more productive—ultimately, increasing your ROI.

With Fuze for Salesforce, your sales team can automatically log calls and make activity notes in a few simple clicks. The integration between Fuze and Salesforce was designed to improve the workflow of a sales professional while enabling business managers to gain access to revenue forecasting data, in real-time.

Sales calls are matched with call recordings and call duration data. Sales managers can review and report on this information and analyze trends to develop best practices across their teams.

Salesforce features

  • Intelligent screen pops allow you to control which screens are displayed when an incoming call arrives, as well as providing contextual information about the caller.
  • Automatic call logging keeps pertinent statistics available for your records and analysis, allowing you to go back and analyze the vitals of each interaction.
  • Call notes ensure that important information gained from your interaction is saved and able to be reused at your convenience.
  • Click-to-call further increases the benefit of having phone numbers saved in Salesforce—allowing you to save valuable time that was previously spent dialing out to your customers.
  • Multiple call handling allows you to transfer calls, or put an incoming call on hold.
  • Wrap-up codes provide a succinct summary of how the interaction ended. No more manual “to-do” list for your phone interactions—Fuze for Salesforce does it for you.

Fuze for Salesforce

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