Microsoft Teams integration

Make Fuze voice calls or start Fuze Meetings directly from Microsoft Teams

About Microsoft Teams integration

The Fuze for Teams integration improves the overall enterprise communications and collaboration experience by providing a seamless handoff between the two platforms when moving from Teams channels to Fuze calls or meetings. This integration also includes Teams-enabled commands for one-click transition from chat-to-live video or calling.

Microsoft Teams integration features

With the Fuze for Teams integration:

  • Call anyone and everyone. Users can launch calls to contacts, numbers, or extensions from a Teams conversation with exceptional HD call quality every time.
  • Create meetings with ease. Simply enter @fuze in the chat field of any Teams conversation and attendees will enjoy vibrant HD video and flawless audio quality, whether joining via desktop, mobile, or web. Once the command is entered, a Fuze Meeting invite will appear for all in the DM or channel with the following meeting options: Start (Instant Meeting), Me (Personal Meeting), and Join (Input meeting number)

Calling from Microsoft Teams will be available in June 2020.

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