Gong integration

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About Gong

Gong uses machine learning to help sales representatives provide a better customer experience. The technology enables customers to securely record their conversations, including phone calls, web conferences, and emails, and uses AI to uncover how the strongest sales representatives communicate with customers. Gong customers often use these data insights as a coaching mechanism to onboard incoming employees with real-life examples of winning calls from leading representatives.

Gong features

Fuze’s application programming interface (API) enables customers to apply Gong machine learning technology to Fuze calls and subsequently:

  • Empower sales representatives with insights on the most effective talk tracks, questions, and objectives for executing successful sales strategies
  • Make more informed decisions when it comes to sales calls
  • Spark improvements within overall workforce communications
  • Analyze topics within the conversation in order to provide feedback and suggestions for future calls

Gong integration screenshots

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