Five9 integration

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About Five9

Fuze offers an industry-leading set of integrations with Five9 designed to reduce complexity for agents, enhance the caller experience, and provide the highest quality connectivity. Using the integrations, you can leverage the power of Fuze’s enterprise-grade UCaaS platform from the Five9 client, to provide a seamless experience for both the agent and the caller.

Five9 features

  • Fuze User Directory: Five9 agents on partner platforms can quickly search for knowledge workers and subject matter experts who reside on the Fuze platform with the Fuze Directory integration.
  • Presence Integration: Integrations with Fuze Presence provide Five9 agents with the presence and availability of Fuze users.
  • Click-to-Call: Easily connect with a Fuze user by simply clicking their name in the directory; the system automatically dials and connects the call.
  • Dedicated Routing: Five9 agents can quickly transfer calls to the Fuze platform with dedicated routing, all while maintaining the integrity of the call.

The Five9 integration requires provisioning by the Fuze professional services team.

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