Bullhorn CRM integration

Together, Fuze and Bullhorn power enterprise companies to do their best work

About Bullhorn CRM

Fuze powers business conversations and data-driven insights across the modern enterprise. With a single unified calling, meeting, chatting, and sharing application, you can communicate anytime, anywhere, across any device. Connect the Fuze platform to Bullhorn for easy access to candidate and client information and a seamless calling experience.

Bullhorn CRM features

  • Be prepared for incoming calls.With Fuze Connect for Bullhorn, know who is calling and what they are calling about. Contact, candidate, or lead details, as well as job orders, notes, and other records from Bullhorn are displayed on the screen when your candidates or clients are calling.

  • Seamless calling experience. You can start a Fuze call directly from Bullhorn with click-to-call. Don’t waste any time connecting with your candidates or clients.

  • Waste no time on post-call wrap-up. When the call has concluded, Fuze Connect for Bullhorn tracks candidate and client related activities and saves these updates directly in the Bullhorn record. Users can also take notes directly in Fuze Connect. Bullhorn logs these notes directly following the call.

Fuze for Bullhorn is a pre-built integration that requires provisioning by the Fuze professional services team.

Bullhorn CRM integration screenshots

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