17a-4 DataParser integration

Capture Fuze chat messages for archival and eDiscovery

About 17a-4 DataParser

DataParser is a modular software solution designed to meet the compliance requirements of clients with regulatory and security policies. Communications, documents, data feeds, collaboration platforms and databases are supported. The DataParser creates a single point of compliance management, discovery and supervisory procedures allowing clients to use in house resources and keep costs to a minimum.

DataParser collects Fuze chat messages and shared files and pulls these interactions into compliance archives for retention, supervision, and eDiscovery. Chats are threaded into conversations for easy review by Compliance officers.

17a-4 DataParser features

Supported Archives: • AdvisorVault • ArcMail • Barracuda ArchiveOne • Bloomberg Vault • Commvault • CryoServer • EMC / Dell SourceOne • GFI • Global Relay • HP Autonomy • IBM • Iron Mountain • IronHold • Jatheon • Message Logic • MessageWatcher • Metalogix • MimeCast • Office 365 • OpenText • ProofPoint • Smarsh • Veritas Enterprise Vault & Enterprise Vault.cloud • ZL Technologies

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